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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


SRO Cinemaserye (SRO: Stand Room Only) is the second season title of GMA Network drama anthology Obra, with each stories consisting of 8 episodes. It is set to premiere on March 26 with "Ganti ng Puso", a story about deceit, revenge and love, followed by the suspense-thriller "Suspetsa".Suspetsa is a story that goes around with The three childhood friends have kept their relationship intact and strong through the years. However, their bond is tested when Nina(jennilyn Mercado) and Leonor (yasmine Kurdi) saved Abigail(Nadine Samonte) from being raped by Chris, the mayor's son. Nina and Leonor unintentionally pushed Chris from the bell tower during their fight. Panic-stricken, they decide to abandon his almost dead body rather than report the accident. The news of Chris's death startles the three girls because he was still alive when they left him. Still, they pretended that nothing happened. But five years later, someone begins pestering them. Anonymous messages are sent to the three, and they doubt whether someone else saw what they did to Chris or if Chris really died.

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