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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Addicted to Anime

I am a certified anime lover, I always watch the latest episodes.
I must say that Bleach is getting more exciting with their filler episode starting from episode 230 up to the present.
The latest filler episodes gave focus to their Zanpakutou. Their Zanpakutou turned into a human form to fight againts their wielders, All Shinigami must fight using only but their plain swords and katana. They have to fight their own ability and how will Ichigo help the other captains to defeat Marumasa, the one who set all their Zanpakutou into human form.


Meanwhile, in Naruto Episode 123, Sazuke is fighting over one of the Akatzuki member, Deiadara. Deidara used his ultimate power to its highest limit that turned his creation to a giant him. Will Deidara will win over Sazuke?


Other Anime that im done watching in are




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