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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"May Bukas Pa" on its Final Week

ABS-CBN top rated Drama series, May Bukas Pa, is now on its final week. This will be the 38th and final chapter of this top rated drama. May Bukas Pa started airing on February 2, 2009. Supposedly, the show would air until the end of June or first week of July after its initial 20 weeks extension last February. However, due to its ratings success, after the Thanksgiving Mass attended by some of the bosses of ABS-CBN and all artist and crew of the show last Monday, Cory Vidanes (station's television head) announced that the airing of the show will be extended until February 2010. May Bukas Pa is all about Santino (Zaijan Jaranilla) who was abandoned by his mother in a monastery. Santino was raised by the caring priests Father Anthony, Father Jose (, and Father Ringo. As a young boy, Santino will find a friend in a mysterious person named “Bro” who will help him change the lives of the people in their town. May Bukas Pa is a story that is set to open the eyes of viewers that there will always be hope amidst trials and difficulties. Miracles don’t just fall from heaven but comes to those who keep their faith. The show also received multiple awards for promoting moral values to its viewers. On its latest episode, Tilde kidnaps Joy In order to assure that Santino will be granting her request. Tilde has a colon cancer which may harm her baby inside her womb. Catch May Bukas Pa on its final 3 episodes at ABS- CBN primetime.

Meanwhile, GMA's top rated fantaserye, Darna, is now on its final 13 days. Darna will be facing her toughest enemies Valentina, Serpina and Cobra and the returning villain, Babaeng Impakta played by Nadine Samonte. I hope, to make the ending more special, all her previous villains like Babaeng Tuod, Babaeng Linta, Babaeng Lawin, Demonyita, Elektra, Mananangala and Bampira will return and join forces to fight against Darna. (Just hoping for a good ending) The previous Darna played by Angel Locsin ends up not so satisfying for me so i'm hoping that this Darna will give their best and effort to have a special ending.

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