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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

During Rainy Season

After the Typhoon Juan, here comes another typhoon! Good thing we have no classes for two weeks because of the semester break. To be honest, i love having this season because i have enough time to relax and enjoy. Usually, i just stay inside our house and watch tv. Or if ai am not watching tv, i open my PC and do my online activities like blogging and chatting. I also play my favorite US casino. Playing online casino helps me a lot to keep myself from getting bored. It's like you're playing on a real life casino because it deals with real money too. The intense that you can feel on a real casino is present when you're playing online casino. But of course, since you are dealing with real money here, i advise you to play it just moderately. Never let yourself get too much addicted to such games. Always have fun and have a happy raining Wednesday everyone!

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