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Friday, January 28, 2011

PC Not Working Again?

My Desktop is not working again and i am really pissed off! I've been having this trouble after my PC got infected by a Malware and since then, it started to get some technical issues almost every week and it is very frustrating. I am barely relying on Internet. My job is mainly deals with Internet and i just can't live without it. I brought it to a repair shop already and had it repaired several times already and it seems that the problem is still there and i just can't figure out the real cause. I am not a techie guy but i know some basic trouble shooting steps but i just can't fix it myself since it could be very risky and i could make its condition much worst.
Well good thing i still have my laptop. The connection is not that fast compare to my desktop but I guess it is much better than dealing with the troubles with my desktop. I just called a technician awhile ago and maybe he will be here later on to fix my PC.
Anyway, while i am away with my PC, i decided to cheer myself up by playing my favorite Online casinos on my laptop. I just can't installed or download any games there because the capacity of my hard drive. Good thing i can play them online and there's no need for me to download games with high MB's. I enjoyed playing Roulette and online Slot machines. Well, they were able to cheer me up in some ways but of course, I am still hoping that my Desktop will be fixed in no time and will no longer experience any trouble after being repair.

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