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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What a Mess

Have you tried using public bathroom? Well, I used to go to a public bathroom before until i had that unwanted experience from it. I remember i went to a cubicle before and then i saw that horrible... I mean the most horrible bathroom i have ever seen. The toilet is like a living nightmare. There are so many stain on both walls and floors, the flush is not working, the faucet is not draining any water and the smell, oh so gross.
I'm so sure there must be something wrong with the plumbing system and since it is a public bathroom, no one would ever have that initiative to repair it unless you will inform it to the government authorities. They sure have fund for it! Well, i just wish they will hire someone like the Plumber Portland Or has because they are known for their quality of their work.
After seeing that horrible view, i never dare to enter any public bathroom even though there are times that i really need to use the bathroom. I know it's not healthy and i know i should learn how to overcome my fear with public bathroom hehe.
That's all for now guys, Have a great day and happy blogging.

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