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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fully Equipped

I was really disappointed with my previous Gym as they are lacking a lot of gym equipments and they're space is not enough to accommodate all of its members. I really lost my motivation after that so i quit my membership and started to train myself at home instead by buying a gym equipment for my own. Well of course my house is not enough to occupy 2 or more gym equipments and besides i only need a gym equipment that can burn fat easily so i ended up buying a Stationary Bike and placed it inside my room. However, this kind of equipment is not enough to help me out achieving my desired build.
I was pretty surprised yesterday when i saw my previous gym newly renovated and it seems that their gym is now fully equipped with those new gym equipments. I don't know what the heck just happened there but it seems that it is an all new shop already and made me regret for leaving their gym and taking out my membership. In fact, my former gym instructor is encouraging me to come back in which i will certainly do very soon. I think the owner of the shop rented new gym equipments to a Equipment Leasing company to make their gym more appealing and in order to attract more customers. Well, i think i made the wrong decision for leaving the gym so early and in order to become a member, i have to pay the membership fee again. Sobs!~

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