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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Summer Retreat!

Finally Summer is here which means the much awaited Summer Youth Camp will be held very soon. I am the Youth Ministry Leader for the past three years but then Pastor Rommel transferred me to the Children Ministry and guide the kids though i am still an active member of the Youth Club. The Summer Youth Camp is held every summer. This spiritual retreat will allow you to reflect, pray and meditate. Last year was fun but this year will be more exciting for all of us because kids in the Children Ministry will be joining the camp too! This sounds like Milzon, Mirasol and I will be joining the retreat together and we are both excited about this.
I just got the Youth Camp Manual which shows all the possible fun activities to be held on that day. Our venue this year will be on Tagaytay, one of Philippines' best summer destination. But of course, we will not be there just for fun! There will be pastors from other churches that will preach us and will share inspirational stories to us. Last year, we had Bro. Jimmy, an ex-drug addict who shared his experience on how he got on that situation and how he was able to overcome that nightmare. I'm sure they will make this year extra special knowing that the Church will celebrate it's 20th anniversary. I have heard that they are planning to held some cool games for kids which will definitely make this Summer Youth Camp more adventurous for them. I think i better start looking for a travel bag or a laundry bag and prepare our things. We will stay there for a week so we really need to bring more clothes especially for Milzon. I will be responsible for my siblings if ever something happened to them during our trip so i better keep an eye on them or else mom and dad will get angry of me. I'll ask Mirasol to bring one of her personalized tote bags so that she have enough space to place all the necessary things like the medicine, vitamins, first aid kit and the insect repellent cream.
Anyway, while were waiting for the announcement of dates for our Summer Youth Camp, I will keep myself busy first in helping my mom in her garden. She went to the official web page of Dallas Sod & Landscaping last night and was amazed on what she have learned from the site and now, she's trying her best to make her garden more appealing and do it the Dallas landscaping way. Well, good for my mom! At least she find something to keep her self busy right?

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