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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Missing My Lola

I remember when my late Lola was rushed in the Hospital a year ago, we are all horrified because we do not know what to do! We are all in shocked. I know that my Grandma was not getting any younger but i am not expecting that her condition will become worst. I was really disappointed to myself for not spending my time with her. She was calling me over the phone almost every week asking me to visit her and to drop by to her house to see her but i was too busy that time and my schedule won't allow me. I wish i could turn back those time and correct all my mistakes but then it's too late for me to regret it.
My Grandma was diagnosed to have Liver Cancer and that made her so weak and her condition became worst every day. Not to mention her Glaucoma that made her almost blind. I used to apply Instant Cash Loan to help my Uncle in supporting her medical needs. That's the best thing i know to help her. I felt so pity for my lola. I tried my best to amuse her by cracking some jokes but you can see it to her face how sad she was because of the pain brought to her by her illness. I was like crying the whole day when i got a call from my mom that my lola just passed away.
But i know God has a reason for this and I know that my Lola is happy on where she is now.
We will be celebrating her First Year Death Anniversary next week. All her relatives will come and I am now cooperating with my Auntie, helping her organizing the said event.
I think i have to apply for another Cash advance for this occasion. I have to wait for another 2 weeks for my next payday so i really have no choice but to get one. I want make this celebration extra special for my Lola.
We will visit her on the cemetery tomorrow too.

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