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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Here they come again!!

Here they come again!! The bills just arrived yesterday and they came so early this month. I was actually expecting that they will arrive next week. Well the bills come early or late, i still have to pay them anyway haha.
I actually have a budget for them but because I have to pay for other expenses (which came unexpectedly), it seems that I will experience some sort of financial shortcomings this month. Oh well, that's part of the life especially for a breadwinner like me.
Being a breadwinner is not a big joke because you have so many responsibilities to fulfill. Ever since my dad suffered from stroke which made half of his body almost paralyzed, i took all his responsibilities. Since then, i am the one who support my family financially. Quite stressing indeed but for the sake of them, i can bear all these sacrifices. And besides, i know God is always with me guiding me all the way.
Back to the possible shortcoming this month, i think i might consider getting one of those payday loans online. It is pretty in demand today and I have tried them several times already. These payday loans online used to help me with my limited budget and used to cover the rest of my expenses every month. But of course, payday loans online is considered as debt and you are responsible of paying them on time. But of course, if you know how to pay them right, you will have no issues applying to loan over and over again. Just be responsible, that's all!

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