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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Being Single

I'm 22 years old now and I'm still single. Well, being single is not bad at all. In fact, you can do a lot of things and you feel that you are free if you are not committed with someone. But of course, we are just man and we just can’t live alone forever.
There were times that most of my friends teased me that i will become an old bachelor guy forever which is something i really don't want to happen. I want to have a family of my own, live with my wife and raise my kids. Unfortunately, I am quite busy with both my school and work and I can hardly find time to look for someone and be committed.
Well, i know that i am not getting any younger but that doesn't mean that i have to rush myself and find a partner immediately. It is a process, a very long one!
Well for me, i prefer that our relationship will start from friendship. I have to know her first. I have to know if we are really compatible or not. That's why most of my friends are encouraging me to try at least one of those well known dating sites online.
One actually referred me to luvFree which is really interesting. I went to the site right after he told me about it. The site has so many interesting features, giving you a chance to meet other people online in a very convenient way.
Oh and the best thing here is the fact that's it's all for free. Virtual dating will open the door for possible friendhip, which is also a great way to start a serious relationship.

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