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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Missing Memory Card Storage

We should be very grateful that we have phones that can do multitasks. It's pretty impressive that a small device can do so many things that none of us can ever imagine. Aside from the normal text message and call features, mobiles phones today especially those smartphones include digital camcorders, camera, radio, mobile Internet and even TV!
As for the camcorders and Camera, the phones are now using memory card to store all the photos and other related files.I mainly use my phone not for sending text messages nor giving my friends a call but to use its built in camera and save my downloaded songs to its audio player.I am currently using a
2GB Memory card, which is good enough for me since I used to transfer my files in my PC. But there are instances that my memory card got corrupted, leaving me no choice but to replace it. Just like what happened last year when we hit Manila Ocean Park to treat my little brother for his birthday. I was able to take a lot of shots but after we got home, I was surprised to see that my phone was set to Phone Storage and the Memory Card Storage was missing. I tried to input the memory card to other phones but still not being recognize. I really felt so bad because I can't even upload any pictures in my blog regarding about that trip.
They said that it is still possible to retrieve photos from corrupted Memory card, Hard drive or digital cameras. What you need is a picture recovery software which has an ability to recover those photos. It is highly in demand today especially for those experienced Digital photographers to save their photos in case any worst case scenario occurs.

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