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Friday, April 10, 2009

Marian as new Darna

It was dubbed that Marian will be the next Darna for the upcoming prime time show entitled "Captain Barbell meets Darna. So does it mean that its a goodbye for the Marian-Ding Dong love team? We all know that it was Richard Guitierrez who played the role as Captain Barbell unless they will change it to Ding Dong Dantes.
What makes Marian perfect to play the role for Darna? First, its nice to see Marian to play a superhero role for the very first time. Marian was also known for herVersatility so I know she can portray the role very well.
What didnt suit Marian to play the Role for Darna? Marian's white complexion is a big No No for a Darna role. Marian's Height as well is a big factor why she doesnt suit for the role. And for me if you will let Marian wear the sexy Darna Costume, I will see Marian as Wonder woman and not as Darna. Nevertheless, With Marian's Acting skills for sure that you will never see those negative factors.

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