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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Do You Love Jolina Magdangal's New Looks

This is Jolina Magdangal during her Teenage years. She used to be an icon because of her unique fashion statement.

This is the new Jolina after reinventing her image.

I hate Jolina Magdangal's new look. I don't want to be harsh but as an avid viewer, i guess it's quite inappropriate for her age to dress like Lady Gaga or something. Okay, we know the fact that she's doing this to promote her new magazine entitled "Icon". Well, yes she's a fashion icon but that's way back 90's. I like her wholesome image than her new look. If this is a career move or for promotional purposes only, for me it's not working out. She will still be in the main cast of "Party Pilipinas", in replacement for SOP. Now, i'm just wishing to see the wholesome Jolina. It is okay to dress like Lady Gaga for entertainment or performance purposes, but immortalizing it is not a great idea.

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