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Monday, March 15, 2010

Domination of Talent Shows

Have you noticed that Talent Shows are dominating out television? from one channel to another, there's always a talent show. TV5 started it all after a huge success of their very own "Talentadong Pinoy" It was then followed by other talent shows from different tv stations. GMA added a talent portion in their show "Pinoy Records" and named it Pinoy Extreme Talents. Then ABS-CBN launched their newest Talent show "Showtime" in daytime slot followed by GMA's Showwwtime hosted by Michael V. Then GMA launched another show opposite Showtime "Diz is iT". Then lastly, the ABS-CBN "Pilipinas Got Talent" who almost have the same theme with Talentadong Pinoy.
Good thing, GMA break the competition as they replaced their Showwwtime to a citcom "Pepito Manaloto". At least we have somthing to watch if we felt bored with the two other talent shows right?
By the way, speaking of talent shows, have you watched the Talentadong Pinoy's Battle of the Champion. I was so amazed with all the hall of famers, except for the unsatisfying performance of the Ladder Balancer. I thought the winner would be MakataTawanan or Wanlu, the Ventriloquist. In the end, The YoYo tricker won the title and dubbed as the first Ultimate Talentado.
Here's the Yoyo Tricker Final Performance

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