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Monday, April 26, 2010

Car Insurance

I saw my friend’s car parked in the venue where our class reunion was held last week. The style of his car is so amazing I even take advantage of the opportunity and took a picture of it. According to him, he spent more than a hundred thousand for his car. He bought some cool gadgets and places it inside his car. These gadgets includes an audio device to add some music while his driving, a portable dvd player to entertain him and his passengers, and he also upgraded his air conditioner inside. He upgraded some of his car’s exterior parts like the vent visors, the grills and window deflectors. He also upgraded his machines and replace turbo charger. Aside from all these great stuffs he added for his car, there’s one more thing that makes me amazed of him. He told me that his car has insurance so he’s not worrying about how much he spends for his car. My dad has a car so he wants me to encourage my dad to have his car insured too. Besides, there are now cheap auto insurance that my dad can afford. I guess my dad will get one and apply for cheap auto insurance quotes as soon as he discovered it.

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