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Monday, October 25, 2010

Office Renovation

We had relocation in the office and i am so disappointed to the office room where i am assigned. It is nothing but a mess! The table is broken, the lights are not functioning properly and the ventilation system keeps on failing. I don’t know if my boss hates me that much or what for putting me in such useless office. But of course, i have to be professional no matter what. I guess i just have to redecorate the room and make it more appealing again. I have to start fixing the tables by hiring someone to fix it. Then, i have to look for some stylish contemporary lighting online to replace the old one. I will also look for a paint color that will match up with my furniture inside. And of course, i will ask someone to fix the ventilation system for me. Yikes! I guess this renovation will definitely ruin my budget for this month but of course, i am doing this for my own benefits as well.

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