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Friday, November 19, 2010

Scared Of the Dentist

Have you ever wonder why most kids are afraid of going into a dentist? I do not know the exact reason but based on my experience, it all started when my mom make use of the dentist to scare me or to warn me. She keeps on saying “oh do not touch that, or else the dentist will get you and pull all your teeth out” and of course, since I was a kid and I do not want that to happen, I will obey my mom and the “dentist thing” remains as one of the terror in my life. Well, obviously, this information is not true and we are just providing are kids wrong interpretation when it comes to dentist. Dentists are our best friend and they are like the tooth fairy in real life. Of course, if you want that confident smile, you better consult a dentist to help you out in removing those cavities in your teeth. I just wish we have what the Dentists Vancouver WA has where dentists motivate kids to have their teeth checked by the dentist from time to time in order to fight cavities away. And about the “dentist thing”, I guess we should look for something else like a monster or any related scary creatures to scare our kids. Hehe

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