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Saturday, January 8, 2011

GMA's Dwarfina

I hope GMA's Dwarfina will not be as boring as Grazilda and The Last Prince. I've been an avid Kapuso but i started to feel boring with some of GMA primetime shows. I don't know what's happening but GMA loses out their creativity in making such a high quality shows. I also don't have any idea why they keep on making shows that are fairy tale inspired. The Last Prince is probably the worst fantasy series ever! It seems that they are not paying so much effort in their primetime shows unlike what they did with Encantadia and Mulawin.
People are now looking for something new to their eyes. No wonder why TV 5 is starting to dominate Mega Manila because they offered light and unusual shows to their audience.
And now that Dwarfina is obviously inspired from Thumbelina story, i hope it will not be as boring as the others. Please remove those ugly twists and please never make the story boring because if that would happen, i guess i'll be switching my channel to Tv 5 too!

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