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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Leaving my Company for Good?

I love my current job. I enjoy being with my bosses and my colleagues but it seems that the salary that i'm getting here is not that enough to cover all my expenses. It's hard but my family should always be my top priority. I will definitely do what i know is best for them and if it's the last option to give up my work and find something better than my current employer, i will definitely do it for the sake of them even though it means, i will be leaving my friends there and my beloved working place.
I'm sure if you're on my condition, you'll be doing the same thing too. But being on a job that you don't really like is not a good idea too right? I know i should be prepared for this. I know that i will be leaving this company soon and look for better opportunities. Actually, i already told this thing to some of the closest colleagues and they are all not in favor with my decision. Some of them are even referring me to join some cash gifting programs that he is also involved with. They told me that this will help me to earn extra cash in an instant. Well, maybe leaving this company isn't the last option i have. Maybe joining such programs will help me to stay in this company while earning some instant cash. Not bad isn't?

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