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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Her New Car!

My Auntie had a great start for this year. She and her hubby got this brand new Honda Civic car! She’s really lucky to receive such a great blessing for this New Year. I went to visit her last week and I had a chance to see their brand new car. I found out that it’s not really a brand new car, it is actually a second hand car that they bought from his hubby’s brother.
Well, I think they made a good and practical decision of buying that car because it seems that the car is still in the good condition. I just joined them yesterday while doing a test drive. I also found out that the car isn’t insured yet so I told them to get one before driving it on the road. It will be safer if they get insurance for their car to hedge the risk of any possible devastating loss. Well, even it’s a second hand car, the price of it is still not a big joke right? Besides, applying for an insurance can now be done online. You can also compare auto insurance quotes being offered by some leading insurance companies. I went to Quotesautoinsurance.org last night to know more about how this auto insurance works. I found out that the site also give you an opportunity to compare auto quotes usa companies has to offer. Well, I guess I have something now to refer to my Auntie.
Have a great day and happy blogging guys.

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