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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Playing Computer Games

Hi guys... sorry if i failed to update this blog as often as before. I am just too busy with my work and my school.. Oh i'm too busy with my newest hobby too... haha yup! For some reason, i started to love playing computer games again. In fact, i just installed a lot of gaming applications on my PC last week and i am planning to add more. Here i took some Snap shots of some of the games i am currently playing with.

I really find "Plants versus Zombies " really addicting. I just love seeing those Brain eater zombies being knocked down by the plants. I love using the Star Fruit for offense and the Garlic to provide strong defense.

I also enjoy this all time favorite Scrabble.. However, i am stocked in the Master category and i guess i will never advance into the next round... Look at the score differences! It's so hopeless to beat the computer at this level... unless i am a prodigy.

I am currently looking for some other challenging games like the online casino usa. I know i bookmarked it before but for some reason i lost it. So i guess i have to start looking for best casino online again. Or maybe, i'll ask my friends to give me list of best online casino.
So if i am not being around here, for sure, i am busy playing these games. Lol
Have a great day and happy blogging guys!

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