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Sunday, January 16, 2011


I just watched Mega Mind with my younger brother and we really had so much fun. I know its kinda childish and that kind of movie is not so appropriate for my age but i just love watching animated films. And besides, if you watch the entire movie, you'll see how meaningful the message it has to deliver for its audiences. It's a combination of action and comedy with a romantic twist between Mega Mind and Roxy.
I'm not really watching movie so often. I am a moody person. You can easily identify if i'm in the mood or not. I'm in the mood when i do almost everything and i'm not if i am doing nothing. I easily get bored if i am doing the same routine everyday and i usually find ways on how to motivate myself to keep me going. I used to do other things to keep my self busy but House cleaning will definitely not one of them.
I just hate doing house chores. It is so time consuming and requires a lot of energy. It is a continuous and ongoing task and you can do nothing but to deal with it unless you get something like that House Cleaning Vancouver WA services that i saw online yesterday. Well, house cleaning isn't bad. In fact, the cleanliness of your house will be consistently maintained if you avail such service.
Anyway, it seems that i am in the mood today and I am planning to watch another Disney movie later on haha. See yah later guys!

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