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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Having Fun at Quantum

Every time i hit the mall, i usually take Milzon with me. He has one favorite spot at the mall and that is no other than Quantum Amusement Center. I usually leave him here while i am busy shopping in the department store. He really enjoy going to Quantum Amusement Center and play along with his friends. It really reminds me of my childhood days when i am really crazy over those arcade games.

He loves Racing game a lot and usually spend most of his tokens on it. He keep on playing it over and over again.

I love this kiddie slot machines too. We're very lucky with this game and we always win so many tickets from it. In each game, you'll get tickets and the tickets can be converted into some cool items on the counter area. Milzon is actually targeting to get the Ben 10 action figure which is worth 300 tickets and right now, we have almost 200 so we need to play more. Besides, tickets don't have expiration so you can keep them with you and save it until you earned the right amount to exchange for that toy. So i guess, we'll be playing more slot machines since we're lucky to get a lot of tickets from this game. I wonder if i also have that luck in playing real slot machine on real Casino gambling sites. I have heard that you can also play it online, so i guess i better start searching for it.

Anyway, here's Milzon riding on the kiddie Motorbike. That's all for now guys, I have to sleep now! Chow!

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