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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Who is your Favorite Machete?

Everyone is talking about the Machete Mania which gives me an idea to make this entry and compare all the actors who portrayed the role of Machete. Of course, i know all of them is uniques in their own special way.
There are 3 Actors who have played the role of Machete. Th first one was originally portrayed by Cesar Montano in the film entitled Machete: Istatwang Buhay in 1990. Cesar's leading lady for this film was Rita Avila. Cesar received a lot of recognition for this film.

Because of the success of the Machete, a part II was made after four years but this time, it is top-billed by another hunk actor, Gardo Versoza. He was paired with Rosana Roses for this film.

17 years later, the character of Machete has been reprise by GMA Network. Unlike the previous Machete, the remake will be done on TV. Star Struck finalist, Aljur Abrenica was chosen to play the role of this iconic character. This is the first title role given to Aljur throughout his career. We have seen him in some telefantasya series like Ilumina, The Last Prince and Zaido and now, everybody is so excited to watch this new primetime series on GMA.

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