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Friday, May 27, 2011

My Dad's Recovery

It was way back 2001 when my dad suffered from mild stroke which made him disabled and unable to work. As a consequence of being the elder, i took his responsibility and became the breadwinner of our family. Being the breadwinner is kinda stressing, tiring yet, a very rewarding experience especially if I can see the fruits of all my labor.
My dad's brain got damage so bad after he collapsed in our bathroom which made his condition even worst. It took him almost a year after partially being recovered from that nightmare. Right now, he is undergoing series of therapies and medication towards his full recovery. Actually they have tried different alternative treatments already because most of his early medical therapies seem not working really effectively to him. After his stroke, half of his body is like paralyzed but thanks God, because of his continuous medication, he was able to move his left arm and feet a bit. It is such a big improvement already and we're happy to see that all our sacrifices worth it. I can see it in my dad that he's really sincere and determine to recover. I can feel it in him and I wish all the best in him towards his faster recovery.
Speaking of this alternative medicine, I have read about this so-called Chiropractic Therapy and I guess it is really perfect for my dad knowing that that therapy used to deal with spinal and mascular conditions. I have read about those Chiropractors Olympia in Washington and I have found out some of the amazing benefits of the said therapy. I guess i should encourage my dad to try this therapy, besides it is not that risky. Who knows, my dad will find his complete recovery though Chiropractic.

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Twilight said...

You are such a good son and I am sure your dad is proud of you. My late grandpa had a stroke right after his birthday party. He was half paralyzed on his bed but he could start walking again after almost 2 years with a walking stick. He did lots of exercises and pushed himself hard to recover. He was over 80 years old!

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