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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Who Will Make it Through the Finale?

Oh God, tonight, we will find out who among Scotty McCreery, Haley Reinhart and Lauren Alaina will make it to the much awaited Season Finale. Is this tonight elimination result will be another shocking day on Idol? Anyway, have you watched their performances last night? Who do you think is the best? Here's my verdict,

Honestly, i love all Scotty songs especially his rendition of Kenny Roger's She Believes in Me. However, it seems that Scotty can't do anything other than country. I am a big fan of this guy but if you keep him hearing the same tone of voice and the same style, i guess that's a little boring right? He should take a risk if ever he made it to the finale. He should prove that he can do something else.

I am not a Haley fan since the beginning of the season. Not until the latter part where Haley show her versatile she is. Oh and she's a professional one. I guess all of you are aware about what happened to her during her Zappelin performance right? She feel and stumble but she managed to deliver her song well. So i admit, from being a hater, i am starting to love Haley now and i want her to win. Seriously! Because of all the three remaining finalists, only Reinhart shows the versatility. She can really sing and she can sing anything!

As for Lauren, well she did well in some of her songs though most of it didn't show her poweful country vocals. I guess, she's too immature for this and is not ready to hit it big time. Anyway, i love her "I Hope you Dance" version.

My verdict? I can see Haley and Scotty on the finale. How about you?

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