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Friday, May 27, 2011

Scotty McCreery, The 10th American Idol Winner

Time really run out so fast don't yah think? It seems that it was just yesterday when American Idol held their audition and we were like placing our bets who among the 13 lucky finalist will win the Idol. Well, the Finale went very predictable. I knew it was Scotty and i guess most of you feel the smae way. The Finale Showdown between the two wasn't really exciting but i can say that Lauren did a great job despite of the fact that she had some issues with her vocal chords that night. Among the two winning songs, I really enjoy Scotty's I Love You This Big". It's like listening to an old style country over the radio.
Anyway, the Finale is really exciting and their guests will really make you sing "I Love American Idol this Big" LOL. Who would have thought Tom Jones will make an appearance on Idol huh? The two diva mentors also performed on Stage, promoting their new singles. Yup! I called Lady Gaga a Diva after her very amazing performance on Idol. Gosh! She showcased her vocal range on her song "The Edge of Glory" and i was like... "Wow, Lady Gaga can really sing". Beyonce on the other hand, sang 1 plus 1.
It is also nice to see the Top 13 performing again. Also the Jack Black- Casey tandem. That's really funny! Oh! Gladys Knight was also in the Finale, performed with Jacob Lusk. Also Tony Bennett as he performed with the dearest Haley Reinhart. Tim Mcgraw, Carrie Underwood, Lil John also performed in the Finale.
And of course, the main event , Scotty was hailed as the 10th American Idol Winner.
here's Scotty's Winning Song " I Love You This Big"

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