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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Casino Gamer

I am not a game enthusiast here but i am a certified game lover ever since i was in high school. I have played different games from different genre, from PlayStation 1 up to the Xbox 360. Name it! I tried them all though i am kinda choosy when it comes to games. As much as possible, I want those Role Playing Games, those with creative storyline as if you can put yourself into the game. But I really don't mind playing other genres especially if it will give me a challenge like those online casinos. Well, I know there is a huge difference between casino games and RPG in terms of their gameplay but when it comes to the challenge and excitement, I can confidently say that Casino games can give you the same amount of pleasure and in fact, it is more challenging than any other games.
My personal favorites would be slot machines and online roulette since they are not requiring any extensive skills and knowledge to win them though i'm still seeking for some best online casinos that are more challenging and more entertaining.
I have heard about those USA Friendly Casinos from friends and I am very eager to try them someday. I feel the same way with those American Express casinos since they are safer and more secured. I think that's what matters most right?

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Twilight said...

I was playing boardgames when a kid and advanced to TV's Nintendo games while in US college. Now playing my phone even while driving!!! LOL

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