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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mah Jong Time

I just found my new pastime hobby in the nature of Mah Jong! Haha. Okay, don't get me wrong. I am not a gambling hustler here, I just want to grab this opportunity to spend my time and enjoy the remaining days of summer. As you all know, classes will be restored very soon and I will be very busy again and that means, i will no longer have enough time for these activities so why not make the most out of the remaining days of summer right?
Anyway, cousin Ichan and I had so much fun last week as we invited some of his friends to play with us. It was just a friendly game with friendly bets LOL.
There are different ways to play Mah Jong and in fact, you can even play it in solo. But then it would be great if you will play it opposing other players right? You can place bets too to make it more challenging. If you are a first time Mah Jong player, you may find the game quite complicated at the beginning but you can get used to it soon.
Anyway, aside from Mah Jong, we used to play card games too like Poker and Blackjack. Yikes! How I wish I still have time for this games once the classes are being resumed.
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Happy Monday everyone!

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