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Friday, September 9, 2011

Online Business

Finally, I received my orders yesterday. If you're following me on my social networking accounts (Facebook and Twitter), then you must know that I am currently running an online contest entitled "blog Idol" . It actually started as a fun game for my blogger friends which eventually became a contest with real prizes. Right now, we're kicking off the fourth season of the contest and I'm so happy with the outcome. I just hope i will not encounter any issue in the near future.
Anyway, I ordered these lovely "Smurf" key chains online. It will be used as one of the consolation prizes for my contest and I'm very lucky to found an online shop to purchase these adorable goods. I was actually not into online purchasing because it's kinda risky especially that you will be dealing with real money here but since it was recommended to me by a friend, i know that i am in good hands and raise my order right away haha.

I got 7 assorted Smurfs here. Aside from the Smurf Key chains, I also ordered 2 lovely plush toys. Actually this is my second time to purchase items from them and I really like their products.

This kind of online business is pretty good idea don't you think? Internet has been a powerful tool for marketing nowadays. Almost all businesses today link their company or sell their products online, knowing that almost everyone has computer at home and most of us preferred to have this convenient way of purchasing.
If i will be given a chance, i might start an online business too. Promoting your product online has never been a hassle thing now because we can now hire or get the service of those third party companies to promote the products for us in a very effective and productive way. An excellent
Ecommerce Solution is what we need for an effective online marketing.
It will help you manage your sales, increase your income and earn more profit.
Selling Products Online is a difficult and risky thing especially if you do not have any knowledge about online marketing. What you need is a company that will provide a Turnkey Ecommerce service solution like Zoovy, for a better outcome.
Zoovy is one of the leading company when it comes to providing an excellent Ecommerse solution. They have been in the industry for quite a long time and has been awarded for their excellent service.

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Fickle Cattle said...

Those smurf keychains are cute. And I agree, the internet is changing how we do business.

Fickle Cattle

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