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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Making Decisions

When i was staying with my Tita Thess, I remember she decided to renovate her house as requested by her hubby too who was currently working in Kuwait that time. As far as i can remember, the renovation took almost four months before we see the actual result. It was quite a challenge for both me, my tita and my cousin to decide whether we should stay first on her in-laws while the house is being renovated but we ended up deciding to stay in her house so that we can monitor the workers too.
I was working that time so didn't help that much in monitoring except for weekends since i have no work during those time but my auntie used to approach me when it comes to making decisions. Well, I know i do not have any rights in making decisions since it is not my house on the very first place but she used to ask me just to help her and then she will suggest it to her hubby for approval. I remember she once asked me whether she will install jalousie windows again or replace it with sliding glass windows. I confidently told her to make use of the sliding window not just because of it's elegant appearance but also because of the protection that these windows can provide. They are energy efficient too. And as you can see on the photo I shared above, Tita Thess decided to install sliding windows in most of their rooms. Actually she hired a different worker for this one since the carpenters that she hired do not have any idea on how to install it. I bet that's the same as the Windows Portland Replacement services in Oregon. I'm not staying with my Tita anymore but i used to visit here whenever i get a chance. Wanna know why my tita and I were very close to each other? Well, I am her favorite nephew and I almost grew up with her. And oh. We're sharing the same birthday too!

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