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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Golf as a Stress Reliever?

One good thing about playing golf is that it doesn't require any age. Teens and oldies are so welcome to play this game as long as they know the rules and much better if they know how to play it effectively. It's always been a dream to me to play golf though i never get any chance because of my work. Being a full time web writer and a full time tutor took almost all of my time, making it so impossible for me to enter such kind of activity.
I've been reading some sport related magazine about the advantage of playing golf. It is actually like playing a real life mind boggling puzzle since you have to think creatively and strategically on how to shoot the ball into the hole. But despite of being mind twisting, golf is considered as a perfect stress reliever especially if you were able to finish the standard 18 golf courses.
But of course, if you are a beginner and inexperience, then most likely, you'll find the game quite complicated at first and completing each courses will not be as easy. But then, with proper training and continuous process, I'm sure you can finish the game with no ease.
I guess the reason why they are considering Golf as a perfect stress reliever is because of the gaming area. Golf is usually done in a wide green field, giving you an opportunity to smell the fresh air, embrace the nature and will also help you to concentrate and focus more on your moves before executing your shot.
It is a great sport indeed. I wish I have time for this and if ever i get a chance, i hope i could find something like those Golf Courses Portland in Oregon that i saw from the web.
Have a Rainy weekend Everyone ^_^(it's raining so heavily here because of Typhoon Egay)

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